Body By Oreo

What do I get Marston for Christmas? Ugh. This is always the million dollar question every December. You can guarantee that there will be a ball under the tree Christmas morning. As far as Marston is concerned, there is nothing as wonderful as a ball. Except, maybe, Oreos. It’s safe to say that he consumes more than 10 Oreos every day. We joke that he should have a t-shirt that says, “Body By Oreo.”
So imagine my thrill when I saw an “Oreo id” ad! Yes, it came up on my Facebook feed because our phones spy on us, and we say the word “Oreo” a lot in my house. Anyway, with Oreo id you can build your own Oreo! You can pick filling colors, chocolate dip, sprinkles, write text and wait for it… UPLOAD A PICTURE!
So this year Marston will be receiving some custom made Oreos, with his picture on them! (Shhhhh… don’t tell him!) This isn’t an ad for Oreo, just wanted to share my delight. When you have a special needs kiddo it is a HUGE win when you can give them an appropriate gift that is based on their interests. Again, Marston continues to show me that it truly is the little things in life that can bring the most joy.

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