Christmas 2020

2020 Christmas can go down in the WIN column for the Poores this year. Although it was terrible not to be able to see our extended families in person, we had a victory here in our house. Marston WANTED to open his presents! Last year he refused to open a single present. They remained in a sad stack in the living room for weeks.
If you have typical children this must seem bizarre. “You mean, there are kids that don’t want to open presents?” Yep. This is often a reality for special needs families.
It’s literally different every Christmas. Nathan, knowing how much thought I put into gifts always has the “talk” with me as the kids come down the stairs. “Have no expectations,” he reminds me. And I say, “I know, I know, I don’t.” But this is a lie. What mom doesn’t want to see her child thrilled on Christmas morning?
So 2020 was kind to our family on Christmas morning, at least. How was your 2020 Christmas? Was your loved one with special needs excited to open presents this year? If not, was there another unexpected blessing that helped you stay positive? I would love to hear your stories.

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