Ice Castles

During February vacation week our family went to Ice Castles in New Hampshire for a mini overnight trip. I absolutely LOVE this completely overpriced family picture that was taken of us at the entrance. It represents so much - planning the trip, packing, expense, travel time, and most of all the bravery it takes to even attempt a trip like this under our family circumstances. We don’t just buy tickets, rent a hotel room and stroll over. It’s a Herculean effort for our family.
For example, one thing I had forgotten, or rather didn’t put together as a potential issue, is the world “ICE” in the title Ice Castles. You see, a few years ago Marston slipped badly on some black ice in our driveway. Now in the winter he is afraid that everything is potentially icy. He will walk a mile around what he thinks might be ice to keep himself safe. Unfortunately, hearing that we were going to ICE Castles was quite anxiety producing for him. He kept saying “No Ice” for HOURS leading up to our visit. It was tough….kinda dampened our festive moods.
Once we got there, however, he settled down. He realized that we were going to be walking on snow, not ice. That crisis was over. But, as we stood waiting to have our picture taken, Marston decided to break off a big icicle behind where we were posing! Because why wouldn’t he? He does it at home! We had to establish that the icicles at this location needed to be left alone. (ha ha!)
And finally the biggest hurdle for me, during a night outing like this, is my paralyzing fear that Marston will get separated from us and get lost in the dark. (He would not be able to communicate with other people that he was lost!) I’ve been known to absolutely cling to the sleeve of his coat as we explore, much to his annoyance. Luckily, the venue had more light than I expected, so this terrifying worry was put to rest and I was able to enjoy myself.
So this picture resonates in my heart. It is a picture of a very brave family.
My family.

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