I'm Done

I’m. Done.
Yep, I’m done with the Autism Spectrum label for people like my son. I don’t know what label I DO want, but I’m just done with the spectrum. My son has profound autism. Profound. He will never, ever be able to live on his own without support. Ever.
Apparently there is a controversy brewing right now over a movie that the singer Sia has made. In this movie, entitled “Music” a girl with profound autism is represented. An actress was hired to play this part. From the brief clips that I have seen, this actress does a great portrayal. You would think this would be a victory for people in this population, people like my son. More awareness for individuals and their families in our position. Instead, there is controversy.
Here is the controversy…from what I understand. People on the other side of the autism spectrum are up in arms that this the person in this movie was not actually played by a person with autism. Now, let me just tell you, an individual that can make this kind of argument, out loud or in writing, does not have profound autism like my son. Period. My son could not play the part of HIMSELF in a movie about HIM. I, personally, would much rather have the lives of people like my son represented by an actor, then have their stories not be told.
I have always felt like there is too much space between the two ends of the autism spectrum. I feel it is way too vast. If the spectrum was the alphabet, I would put my beloved boy towards the very beginning. People in the ABC range have drastically different needs and abilities than the individuals that function in the XYZ range.
In my opinion, there are way too many letters in between to put everyone under the same umbrella.

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