People Are Good

Marston can throw water. I’m not kidding. It’s like he can actually pick up a ball of water and throw it at you. If you’ve ever gone to the beach or pool with him you have experienced this first hand. He thinks it is HILARIOUS to splash you. It’s his way of trying to communicate and play with you.
One family vacation we took a trip to Atlantis, Bahamas. On our first day there, Marston was in the pool when a little older man, wearing spectacles, was making his way into the water to cool off. Apparently, Marston thought this would be a great guy to play with. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marston approach the man, and I started running. I could see what was about to happen. The man was ankle deep in the water when the water throwing started. The man looked positively frightened and upset.
When I reached the man I spat out in one word:
Cleaning off his glasses he looked at me and his countenance changed. “It’s OK he said with a gentle smile.”
I then proceeded to order myself a Bahama Mama.
I have hundreds of stories similar to this - though thankfully not all involving water or the need for a Bahama Mama. Marston’s actions often can startle strangers. But I am happy to report that once people have an understanding of his situation they are very kind and forgiving. I am so happy to tell you that not one time has anyone not been nice. Not once. There is so much good in the world.

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