It’s truly a blessing and a curse that I have an education background as I raise my son with autism. My brain NEVER shuts off about the things I could create to help him to learn. I always joke that of every 10 ideas I make for Marston, only one of them hits. Last week one of them hit…

Welcome to Marston and Sam’s Pizzeria!

I set out individual pizza crusts and toppings. Marston then took orders from family members. The highlight was FaceTiming daddy at work to see what he wanted on his pizza.

I created an order form that included real pictures, and text. (The book/workbook series I am authoring also is comprised of almost exclusively photographs that support text.) I have always believed that real photographs are the most effective images to help Marston make connections in the world. I feel so blessed to be raising a child with special needs in the age of digital pictures, computers, the internet, and camera phones.

With the order form in hand he practiced saying, “Do you want _______?” and then he circled “yes” or “no” for each topping ingredient. He was so tickled to do this… such pride in his face, such joy. He and Sam (his helper) then assembled the pizzas together. It was a great opportunity for him to use functional language and reading, and to work on a vocational skill. You better believe that we will use this format again for other dinners… I see Marston’s Italian Shop in our future!

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