Marston puts my parenting on center stage every time we go somewhere.  He has unusual behaviors and vocalizations.  He often startles people.  People look to to me to see “what I’ll do about it.”  It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard, and it sucks, but I DO IT ANYWAY.   My son deserves to live out in the world with everyone else.  And truly, I do think people admire me.


Sometimes, though, I really don’t want to be this ambassador.  I want to just blend into the scenery.  But I have been given a different role.  It is to constantly be putting myself into positions where I feel uncomfortable so that my son can have the best life possible.  It is dreaming for my son and believing in him and exposing him to opportunities he might never have if I was not BRAVE.


Time and time again my bravery pays off.  Time and time again I am thrilled to see the best in humanity as I navigate new experiences with my son.  Time and time again he rises to the challenge, and I am reminded that he deserves to see the world.


My friend Sally died of cancer at age 35.  She endured terrible chemo treatments throughout her battle and I marveled at her strength.  “I could never be as strong as you,”  I told her. She replied, “Oh yes you would be.  You do what you have to do. You just do.”


People say things like, “I don’t know how you do it” to me all the time.  The answer is, like Sally said, “You just do.”  My role is incredibly hard, but here I am.  Showing up.  Being BRAVE.  Someone’s entire existence hinges on my bravery.


I am brave.  Every. Single. Day.

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