Who Needs Privacy?

If you have a child with special needs, forget your privacy. 


It doesn’t take you long to discover that in order to have sanity and any sliver of a “normal” life that you need outside help.  Marston has been receiving in-home support services since the age of three.  We have been blessed to have a beautiful, long list of individuals that have worked with Marston over the years.


These people have my whole heart.  They will never, ever know the immense love and gratitude I have for them.  Many of them have been people that were wise beyond their years at a young age.  I marvel that when I was that young (20s) I was no where near as mature or altruistic.  These people go on to have their own lives and families.  And I miss them…


But they were there, showing up, providing for my son, but also for me.  Sometimes these angels were the only other grown ups I would speak to in a day.  I consider them my besties.  Sure they got paid (not enough!) and sure they were working (hard!) but they are my forever friends.  Some of the absolute greatest people I have ever known in my life and would never have known if it weren’t for my son.


Privacy is overrated anyway…  I now have this amazing circle of abundance around my family.  It is well worth the trade.




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